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Jan. 12, 2011 edit: This guide is written for Intrepid Ibex, but I’ve found it works mostly the same for Lucid Lynx. To disable CapsLock, however, you go to System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layout > Options > CapsLock key behaviour and select «CapsLock is disabled».

I love languages, which leads to the need to write in different languages from time to time. With Norwegian, Spanish, and English, writing is painless, because I have everything I need at my fingertips. Most keyboards have diacritics (usually é, è, ë, ê, ẽ).

When I started writing in French on a computer, I discovered that I lacked ç and œ, but I substituted them with c and æ (found on Norwegian keyboards by default). I lacked even more characters when I started to learn Old Norse – þ, ð, and ǫ, as well. The ǫ wasn’t even in the character map in Windows, so I had to substitute with the modern Icelandic ö, or copy-paste from Wikipedia. Sure, I could change to the Icelandic keyboard, but that was a pain in the ass – especially since Windows thought changing them randomly was fun. more…